Officer Ron and I were working beat 1732 and stopped into the station for him to use the washroom.  I sat in the car, bored. I took Ron’s ticket book and opened it to the next citation to be issued.  There are 5 copies of the traffic citation and the yellow copy goes to the traffic violator.  On the backside of the yellow copy, in very small print I wrote “You’re a jagoff.”  Then I put everything back in order.  When Ron returned to the squad car, I suggested that we write some tickets and make our sergeant happy.  Soon afterward, we stopped a violator for going through a red light, and Ron issued him a citation. Thirty minutes later, we were summoned to the District, and Ron was directed to see the Watch Commander.  I stood outside the Watch Commander’s office listening.  After getting his ass handed to him, he stomped out the station cursing under his breath.  I caught up with him and asked him what happened.  When I burst out with laughter he immediately new I was the culprit.  Boredom is what you make of it.