A great gag we  pulled on recruits went awry.  During a typical traffic stop, a salty veteran would search the vehicle, while the recruit would guard the driver standing by the squad car.  I pretended to search a vehicle this one time, and pulled my own gun from my holster and held it up for the recruit to see.  I shouted out “Look what I found.”   Normally the recruit would simply handcuff the subject and maybe curse him a bit.  My new recruit flattened this driver with a round house that Joe Fraser would be proud of, screaming “You dirty bastard!” I jumped out of the car and stopped the recruit from pummeling this guy.  I picked the guy up, choking back laughter while I brushed the dirt off his shirt.  I pulled out my handkerchief and dabbed the bloody corner of his mouth, as I attempted to explain the joke that I just pulled on my new recruit.  Luckily, this fellow was a sport, although not a very happy one.  We parted ways with an earnest apology and we walked back to the squad car with our tails between our legs.