I assisted another officer on a disturbance call on Lawrence Avenue.  A man about thirty years old had chained himself to his automobile.  The problem was that a tow truck had the vehicle attached to the back of his truck and off the ground.  He was towing it for being in a private parking lot when the owner came out and wrapped chains around himself and the car, causing the tow driver to contact the police.  It was explained to the vehicle owner that once the vehicle is attached and raised, it cannot be returned to the owner without payment.  The owner was overcome with emotion and refused to unchain himself.  He was eventually placed under arrest.  The chains were removed,  he was handcuffed and put into the back seat of my squad car.  I had a cage car and Officer John did not, so I transported the prisoner into the station. He was not a problem and went willingly.  The trouble started when we arrived in the station lot.
John followed me into the station as was protocol.  I parked the squad car in the first space nearest the front door.  I opened the rear door and told the arrestee to exit the squad car.  He tried to comply but was having great difficulty maneuvering his long legs in the short seat with the protective cage banging into his knees.  I decided to help him.  I took hold of his pants by the ankles and swung his legs around and up on the seat.  Then I grabbed this guy’s legs and started to pull, sliding him across the rear seat and to the door’s edge.  As John made the turn into the lot, I began pulling on this guy’s ankles.  All of a sudden something gave and I went flying backwards across the front of John’s car holding this guys prosthetic leg.  As I stumbled  through the parking lot, I saw this horrified expression on John’s face.  Luckily, I regained my balance before I fell on my ass.  The guy never told me he had an artificial leg and I never thought to ask.  But, that expression on John’s face was priceless.