While working with a recruit in the 17th District, we stopped a vehicle for expired license plates.  The surrounding apartments had their windows open, caching the late afternoon breeze.  The car stop went as planned, until we were back in the squad writing the citation.  The offending driver approached the driver’s side of the squad car and, nonchalantly, dropped his hand inside the open window, offering a ten-dollar bill.  Looking at the recruit, I nodded to the money and said “Watch this.”  I picked up the microphone, and after a quick blast or two of the siren, I made an announcement.  I explained to the onlookers and those people now hanging out of the apartment windows, that the man at the driver’s side window of the squad car had a ten-dollar bill in his right hand.  I explained that we were honest police officers and that he was trying to bribe us into not writing him a ticket for expired plates.  I continued that we worked for the fine citizens watching us and we were disappointed in his actions.  He withdrew his offer and shamefully shuffled back to his automobile to wait for the citation.  He received it and we left the scene, to applause from the large group of onlookers that had gathered.  I taught the recruit that ten dollars was not worth your soul or your job.  I’ll bet he remembers that to this day.