Officer Tom, my Field Training Officer was a very personable man with a hearty laugh. Tom and I were handling a money disturbance at Lincoln Towing.  Tom thought I should handle this one alone to hone my police skills, as he sat in the squad car and observed.  I was listening intently and allowing both sides of this disturbance to present their cases.  My attention was drawn to a faint train noise in the distance.  I was listening to the caller explain that his automobile was parked legally when it was towed and he should not have to pay the towing charge.  I continued to hear the noise from an advancing train.  As I was listening, I visually examining the railroad tracks outside the window,  wondering how weeds can grow on working train tracks.  As the other side of the dispute was being presented, I still heard an approaching train.  I stared intently out of the window, inspecting every inch of rusted train track, attempting to figure out how a train can use a set of tracks with weeds a foot or higher growing between them.  I finally shut out the complainant completely.  I walked outside the small glass cubical to see Tom sitting in the squad car laughing hysterically.  I walked over to him and discovered that he had taken the microphone from the public address system and was slowing rubbing it up and down his pant leg, then progressively faster and faster until it sounded exactly like a train.  Experiences like this are exactly why I mess with recruits.