On my day off, I was bowling on the 18th District’s bowling team, when someone asked me how I was going to like the 17th District.  I was confused. He informed that he had seen the transfer list and I was on it.  I called the 17th District and not only was I transferred, but I was working that night.  This was all before union protection. Anyway, off to 17 I went.  I was assigned to work alone in a District I had never worked before.  Officer Bill had also been dumped from 18 and was the only familiar face at roll call. Along with a radio and squad car keys, I was handed a district map.

Soon afterward I was speeding to a call of a burglary in progress. Officer Bill announced on the radio he was in the front of the location with his partner and I quickly set out to the rear of the house.  Bill was shouting into his radio that the offenders were running through the backyard toward the alley.  I spotted the first one dart across the alley and I attempted to strike the second one with the squad car, but he was too fast and made good on his alley crossing.  I bailed from the squad and took up foot pursuit.  I was maintaining the distance between us when we ran through a gangway blocks from the burglary scene.  Once in the yard, one offender took the fence on my right, while the other ran straight and started to climb that fence.  With revolver in hand, I let one go in the air.  The burglar on the right took off like he had afterburners strapped on his ass.  The other was scared and followed my orders to lie prone and show me his hands.  Just about that time, Bill came galloping into the back yard sucking air.  He handed me another bullet to replace the one I expired and in a singular motion kicked our burglar in the ribs, quickly followed by, “Don’t ever run on me mother fucker.” This was the start on a long run in the 17th district, good, bad, and everything in between.