Winter in the 17th District was kinda slow at times. Working a beat car, Officer Dirk and I were driving the side streets looking for any suspicious people to stop. Being close to Christmas, we’re hoping to grab a burglar. Just North of Irving Park Road there were a lot of break-ins, so Dirk and I concentrated our search in that area. As we headed down one of the many side streets visited that day, Dirk spotted two guys standing at the mouth of the alley. I threw the squad toward them and off they went. Fish-tailing around the turn, then spinning tires down the alley, it was fairly easing to catch up to them because of the six inches of snow. The squad car’s tires glided down the deep ruts and within seconds, we were positioned between the runners. I swung my door open knocking down the one on my side. As he slid on his face down the alley, I stop the car and shouted to Dirk, “I got mine, go get your’s.” I was on top of offender number one in a flash. Dirk on the other hand was now trudging down the alley in the tire rut cursing and running, cursing and running. Eventually, he came back with offender number two.
Two drug dealers hit the slammer. But more importantly, I got to screw over Dirk. What a wonderful day.